Big storms roamed Eastern Nebraska on June 16th, 2017. I was able to chase this day, so took a drive out to northeast Nebraska to chase an intense supercell that was tornado warned for a while.

Later in the evening, several more intense storms popped up and merged together. After letting the storms overtake me in Friend, NE, I drove back out west of there to capture lightning on the western flank of the complex of storms.

I was treated with a beautiful view of lightning on the backside of the storm. The cloud to ground lightning was some of the most intense I’ve seen to date.


Shortly after this, the lightning started going mad. Guessing there were probably one cloud to ground lightning bolt every 2 seconds, and the storm wasn’t too far away at the time either.

The image below is a stack of maybe 30 of the hundreds of cloud to ground lightning strikes I captured within about an hour. Everything in that image below happened within the span of a few minutes as the lightning in that portion of the sky began to dance recklessly.


Pretty crazy. Sat there and wondered if Thor was on vacation in Nebraska.

A chase log with more images and a time lapse of this lightning should be up soon.

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